Secure framework should be a primary concern for Managed Service Providers (MSPs). As reported in 2019, many MSPs were victims of hacker invasions. According to an article on CSO, MSPs suffered irrevocable loss and subsequently their clients’ networks were also compromised. True to what the article states, MSPs are prone to such attacks and breach of intellectual property. Negligence in Identity and Access Management (IAM) is the root cause of increased vulnerability and exposure to attacks. The question is: what can you do to safeguard your business? Go for Single Sign-On Authentication.

Understanding Single Sign-On Authentication

Over the years, SSO has gained immense popularity amongst medium to large enterprises for managing user access and authorization on multiple cloud-based and on-premise platforms.

Employees of MSPs require access to different applications, websites, data and resources to fulfill their duties on a daily basis. Entering and remembering a new set of credentials to access each resource daily is highly inconvenient and counterproductive for employees. Due to this reason, employees are forced to set up weak passwords to recall and enter them easily, weakening the defenses against potential attacks.

Operating with a strong and secure set of credentials is the answer to keep your firm safe. Juggling the tasks of managing, monitoring and authorizing a large deck of employee accounts for different applications is a burdensome responsibility. Single Sign-On solution in Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) solves these problems for you. SSO in Azure AD allows users to access and use numerous applications, domain-joined devices and resources with singular login credentials. After logging-in, you can launch your required applications from either Office 365 Portal or Azure AD MyApps Panel. Furthermore, it gives you centralized control over user account management and to add/remove users as per your choice. SSO saves you from wasting valuable time and effort on different password reset or login information requests, and other dire adverse effects.

Pros of SSO Integration

  • Robust Security – SSO presents a healthy alternate to mediocre password practices and risky information management. It ensures best security practices for MSPs.
  • Scalability – Automating identity and access management liberates your organization from time-consuming and laborious administrative tasks. SSO empowers MSPs to scale their business by minimizing IT costs and streamlining menial tasks to focus on greater goals.
  • Convenience – Convenience is a huge advantage of leveraging SSO for your organization. It simplifies the cumbersome process of remembering and entering multiple credentials. It also increases productivity in employees by relieving them of password fatigue and enabling convenient sharing of data across platforms.
  • Onboarding – Thanks to SSO, onboarding new users is swift and easy. You’re not subjected to direct users to multiple login pages and assign respective new set of credentials for every page.

Azure Active Directory SSO | Gorelo

SSO integration in Gorelo opens doors to a myriad of benefits for MSPs seeking efficient ways to function as a top-tier company. You can leverage one of the best RMM and PSA platforms tailored to facilitate the needs of evolving and growing MSPs with convenient, MSP-friendly and secure SSO authentication.

Here’s how: 

1. Users are prompted with an option to sign-in with Azure AD on the Gorelo login page (as shown below).

2. After clicking on sign-in with Azure AD, users are redirected to the Azure AD login page.

3. Users are required to confirm their account name and click next to proceed further.

4. Once users verify the account info and click continue, they will be redirected to Gorelo.

In 4 quick steps, you and your team can securely access a powerhouse RMM and PSA software to cost-efficiently manage and monitor your clients from anywhere, anytime!

This is how unwavering dedication to radical developments, like Gorelo and Single Sign-On, in the realm of IT are consequential towards growth and evolving business activities as we speak.

Intrigued to know how Gorelo can benefit you? Sign-up for a 14-day free trial to experience the perks.

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