Building Gorelo

While they’ve been around for a couple of years, progressive web apps (PWAs) are among the newest in-things in IT today. Not only do they allow developers to reach various online platforms, they are also a good tool for enhancing user experience (UX). So, what’s the buzz surrounding PWAs? Progressive Web Apps Consider an app

The prime goal behind maximizing business efficiency is to raise its bottom line. The fact that you are reading this blog is proof that you are avidly seeking methods to increase your organization’s efficiency. Now before I paint any picture for you let’s do the ground work. Enhancing efficiency basically means to perform more tasks

Every business in the world needs to create an invoice to get paid in exchange of a product/service. Invoicing and billing process seems simple on the surface but it is not. Generating invoices, issuing them on time, maintaining records, delayed payments, lost revenue and sustaining a healthy cash flow can be very frustrating and induce

The demand for MSPs is on the rise, and thus they are springing up like mushrooms left, right and center. In a situation like this how do you stand out to hold your own? A major challenge most MSPs face is to curate a pricing structure that is attractive enough to catch customers and earn

Dev Stream – 04.24.2020

RMM Scripting – Week 4 This week we focused on running scripts on a repeat schedule on the devices and more. You can now view the live scripts results as they are received from the devices. Worked on Scheduled run screen on web UI. Updated RMM plugin that runs the script to run them on

Gorelo is launching a WFH video support application that will allow your clients to make live video support calls directly to a technician, requesting support and help with any computing device or hardware related installations or issues covered under the contract.  Use Cases New hardware installation  Wire management  Loose wiring  Hardware issue/malfunction  Software installation or troubleshooting without giving desktop access due to critical

Dev Stream 04.17.2020

Billing Module work started! We have a baseline invoice generating based on hours. (UP NEXT) We are working on Product and Contracts management next. Week 3 into Scripting module: Script Editor work is complete. It’s going through testing. The scripts run on the systems and show results on the device detail view. Users can favorite

Have you ever considered the availability of 2 Factor Authentication, also known as Multi-Factor Authentication, as the deciding factor when signing up for a cloud-based software service? Let’s see if you were right to consider it. 2019 was a very bad year for Managed Service Providers (MSP). We saw countless ransomware attacks amounting to millions of Dollars in surrendering costs. While

Before we delve into this topic, it is important to understand what remote monitoring management mostly consists of. Simply put, RMM is a system used to manage and monitor your clients’ devices remotely. The system allows technicians to manage all the devices in one place, with each device assigned to their respective client’s contact. It also allows technicians to access important hardware and software

To be honest, there’s no such thing as Live Ticketing Helpdesk. We termed our system as such because of its unique ability to register every input into and output out of the system in real-time. Every helpdesk feature we offer collectively makes the user experience fast and convenient, without any delays, complications or longer ways to handle