Below are all of the relevant MSP related Microsoft announcements from June Microsoft Teams 1. Meeting Chat Bubbles on iOS and Android New Feature × Dismiss alert How this will affect your organization User will see chat bubbles for meeting messages on mobile. Users can turn them off temporarily in the current meeting by tapping

🦄 Approvals! We’ve released our first version of a native Approval workflow. In the same place you add a checklist or shipment tracking you can now add an ‘Approval’. This ties into Contact tags with the new type of tag designation known as ‘Approver’. Plenty of improvements to come! ✨ Tags – Contact tags can now be designated

🦄 Uptime! We’ve released a very early alpha version of our ICMP/HTTP monitoring. We have 2x node regions (Seattle/.Sydney) and will add more in the future. Over the coming weeks we will overhaul the UI/UX and hook this up to Alerts 🙂 ✨ Tickets – To/Cc UX has been improved ✨ Forms – Client specific

🦄 Tags are becoming a huge part of Gorelo — from automating Asset policy assignment through to making it easier to find the right Contact. We’ve decided to put all Tag management in one area to simplify things! 🙂 Tags will continue to improve as we bring them to new areas (such as Clients), build

✨ Email – CC’s now take Stripped Domains into account ✨ Settings – Email Logs have been overhauled for easier navigation and greater functionality ✨ Tickets – Checklist Templates can now have their name edited✨ Tickets – Form responses can now reopen tickets ✨ Forms – ‘Dropdown’ block can now have a default answer set

🦄 Pax8 is now available as an integration! Our initial version syncs Clients in Gorelo –> Companies in Pax8. More to come in the future! ✨ Tickets – Large Checklist performance has been improved ✨ Calendar – O365 Calendar sync has been improved ✨ Docs – Contents Navigation on the right-side is now automatically generated

Below are all of the relevant MSP related Microsoft announcements from May Microsoft Teams 1. Suggested Replies in Teams Desktop New Feature × Dismiss alert How this will affect your organization Suggested Replies present users with an option of three responses to choose from for selected messages and is now available to your users in

🦄 Contacts – Contacts not assigned to a client are now temporary and are purged after 90 days unless edited or toggled to permanent. This is to avoid contact bloat due to spam and transient senders. 🦄 Alerts – Third-party alerts can now be ingested via email! 🦄 Calendar – User calendars can now be

🦍 Shortcuts – ‘Wait’ block is now available to delay any follow up actions! E.g. send Public Comment and then Close a ticket after 3 days if no response received ✨ Tickets – Encrypted, Forms and Link text entry has been improved ✨ Clients – List performance has been improved ✨ Contracts -‘Non-billable’ items can

Microsoft has had some form of information protection in place over many years and if you have been a Microsoft user over that time, you may have some confusion because of all of the name changes and locations where this has existed within the admin experience.  In this article, I wanted to briefly cover that history to demystify some of those changes  Microsoft