🐡 New πŸ¦„ Shortcuts are now available! It is only available for Ticket Comments This is a very bare-bones version with a limited Action set for testing purposes — many enhancements to come! ✨ Enhancements Notifications – All assignees now receive ticket notifications Tickets – Admin-style updates now appear for Read Status, Tags and priority

Partner Program Overview If you are an MSP doing at least $3500/month (4,680 AUD) in gross revenue from Microsoft, then you should keep reading. Not many MSPs are taking the full advantage of Microsoft’s partner program. The program can be lucrative but is hard to navigate because of the rebate structure and the enrollment process.

🐡 New General – Notifications now stack on web 🦍 We will soon bring all public/private notifications to the Assist/Watch assignee roles ✨ Enhancements General – Day View is now available on Calendar / To Do Tickets – Improved handling for time entries on reopened tickets Tickets – Private chat bubble size has been reduced

Below are all of the relevant MSP related Microsoft announcements from September. Microsoft Teams 1. Content from camera now launched in Teams New Feature Γ— Dismiss alert How this will affect your organization: This option enables users to stream content from directly from physical artefacts such as whiteboards and documents in a legible way. During

🐡 New Tickets – Chat-style timeline UI improvements Chat bubbles for Private comments @mention highlights more obvious System timeline entries less pronounced And more to come πŸ™‚ ✨ Enhancements Tickets – Scheduling from ticket detail has been improved Tickets – Billing Override can now be configured without a Contract Clients – Focused Client available on

🐡 New General – Calendar & To Do are now available! πŸ¦„ This is a very ‘beta version of both so please provide feedback πŸ™‚ Calendar will soon get a ‘day’ view To Do list will soon allow personal items ✨ Enhancements Tickets – Group and assignee now reconcile on calendar Tickets – Checklist performance

Microsoft Teams Webinars

Microsoft recently introduced webinars into Teams which allows users to create a registration page for an event. The event is conducted in a live session and allows for interaction with the audience. In this article, I will be covering some of the features, functionality, and licensing constraints I found through testing. This will include how

🐡 New General – TipTap is now used as the text editor for ticket comments! πŸš€ This allows for better functionality, speed and extensibility — futureproofing us! This will soon come to Time Entries, Products, Contracts, Scripts and all other areas πŸ™‚ ✨ Enhancements General – Service Provider subdomains are now included Tickets – Tickets

Microsoft Teams adoption has skyrocketed over the past year. This may seem like an obvious statement but I don’t just mean chat and video capabilities. Teams is becoming the central hub to interact with apps, share files, and perform daily tasks with members inside and outside the organization. Microsoft is putting the most development effort

🐡 New Tickets – List performance improved for private comment updates ⚑ We now keep the top 50 ticket ID’s to render with the view list We now include all necessary private comment data to avoid making another API call. We now use a different view calculation on private comment changes that only impacts ‘Updated