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Our IT support software offers a user-friendly interface and a complete suite of IT Support tools and features that can help small and medium sized tech companies and MSPs grow faster.

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Everything in One IT Support Software that Runs on Cloud!

Gorelo offers a comprehensive set of RMM and PSA tools that allow MSPs, and all sorts of tech companies seeking IT support infrastructure, to out-pace the competition and surpass their customer expectations. Gorelo runs on Microsoft Azure Cloud, making it secure and accessible from anywhere, anytime. It is available on web and mobile, both platforms using their own dedicated applications with exclusive tools and features on top of the common ones allowing users to cover every possible use case of these tools.

We Combined Powerful RMM and PSA Tools into One IT Support Software to Make Gorelo an IT Support Powerhouse for MSPs and Tech Companies

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Everything Tech Companies and MSPs Need to Win Their Customers Over

Gorelo offers a comprehensive suite of IT support modules and features that help tech companies and MSPs provide excellent customer support and consequently improve their customer satisfaction rate

Real-time Device

Remote Device

Remote Device

Live Ticketing Helpdesk

Client Management

2 Factor Authentication

Asset Management

Asset Acquisition

Mobile Application

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We cover everything that Gorelo has to offer in one simple pricing. No more confusing feature and pricing tables. Gorelo charges on a month-to-month basis so you don’t have to make annual payments and long-term commitments. Our 14-day free trial offers all available IT support features for you to use and assess without making any commitments.

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