The prime goal behind maximizing business efficiency is to raise its bottom line. The fact that you are reading this blog is proof that you are avidly seeking methods to increase your organization’s efficiency. Now before I paint any picture for you let’s do the ground work. Enhancing efficiency basically means to perform more tasks

Scripting allows IT support technicians to type and save specific lines of commands that perform certain action(s) on the targeted Windows device. Having a library of multiple scripts that perform different actions and trigger different operations on one or multiple devices at the same time, cuts down on the time it costs to write a

Dev Stream – 04.24.2020

RMM Scripting – Week 4 This week we focused on running scripts on a repeat schedule on the devices and more. You can now view the live scripts results as they are received from the devices. Worked on Scheduled run screen on web UI. Updated RMM plugin that runs the script to run them on