Tracking shipments of hardware across customers can be a very time consuming task. With the rise of remote work, many MSPs are shipping hardware directly to end users. Leveraging Windows Autopilot, the onboarding of users becomes a very modern experience. Wouldn’t it be nice to automate shipping updates in tickets to avoid having to look up status periodically?

Gorelo uniquely provides a solution for this natively within the ticket management experience. 

In the ticket, simply click on the + icon > Shipments Tracking

Enter the tracking number to autodetect the courier. Here you can also select to get notifications when the package is out for delivery or delivered.

Complete details of the delivery will be displayed in the ‘shipment tracking’ section. 

Status change notifications will be sent and tags will be visible on tickets

Leverage shipment tracking today to enhance communications and operational efficiencies for delivery across customers!

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