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Help desk

Gorelo packs powerful help desk features that supercharge your managed IT services.

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Surface any upcoming threats to avoid costly outages for clients.


Gorelo combines the best of both worlds; Customers can communicate through email while your team uses an intuitive chat based interface.


Bring in more efficiency in your team as the system informs who is working on what Tickets

Role Clarity

Assign different responsibilities, such as Lead, Assignee or Watcher, to Technicians on a Ticket for increased role clarity.


Add third party contacts to Tickets and bring them into the conversation so that all the communication stays in one place.

Online Status

Technicians can set a status to let the team know if they are available, taking a break, in a meeting, etc.

Important Info

Set a Banner message on any Ticket to alert other Technicians of anything important.



No matter how many assets your team has to manage, they always stay in control


Use the Shortcuts feature to combine multiple actions into a single activity applicable to any Ticket, immediately or scheduled.


Have a predefined set of steps to perform for a certain category of Tickets? Create a checklist and assign work items and never miss out an important step.



Surface any upcoming threats to avoid costly outages for clients.

Tags Filteration

Create Tags and assign them to Tickets for better categorization

Custom Views

Based on your custom filters, define Views on the Ticket List to get easy access and item counts

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