Webhook Integration for IT Support

Webhook Integrations

Send your ticket updates wherever, whenever you want!

Fast and Simple

Setup integrations in under a minute!

All you have to do is:

  1. Select external integration
  2. Set a name for it
  3. Enter target URL
  4. Select the type of integration
  5. Select trigger events
  6. Enter HTTP headers
Fast Integration for IT Support
JSON and XML Support for IT Support Integrations

JSON and XML Support

Gorelo supports both JSON and XML integration types for wider coverage and user convenience. Use whichever fits your system better!

Custom HTTP Headers

Add in multiple HTTP headers to send additional information that maybe required by an external system.

Custom HTTP Headers for Webhook Integration

Automatically Send Ticket Updates to a Target URL for 3 Unique Ticket Events

Ticket Created

Ticket Status Changed

Ticket Assigned

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