Gorelo Slack Integration for IT Support

Slack + Gorelo

Makes the perfect support and team collaboration system

Slack helps users add context to their team conversations allowing for better understanding and a seamless professional chat.

Different chats can be categorized under different topics according to the different teams or different purposes.

Send Ticket Information from IT Support Software to Your Slack
Discuss IT Support Issues and Tasks with Team on Slack

Gorelo’s Slack integration sends ticket details to a target Slack account automatically whenever one of the 3 user-selected ticket events take place.

This allows for ticket notifications to be shared with other team members instantly.

This integration also helps users make necessary collaborations with other team members, request resolutions and conduct spontaneous discussions on how to resolve an issue quickly and effectively.

Automatically Sends Ticket Data and Notifications to the Target Slack Account for 3 Different Ticket Events

Ticket Created

Ticket Status Changed

Ticket Assigned

Gorelo IT Support Slack Integration

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