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We take security aspect of Gorelo very seriously!

RMM Two Factor Authentication

2 Factor Authentication

By today’s standards, 2FA (also known as Multi-Factor Authentication) is essential to keep your account and important data protected from intruders and hackers involved in ransomware. Gorelo uses 2FA to give you a vault-like security and keeps your clients’ data secure and free of all malicious threats.

Latest TLS Encryption Protocol

Gorelo uses the latest TLS certificate and encryption protocol to establish a secure connection between the user and the web server. TLS is the successor to the outdated SSL encryption protocol, covering more vulnerabilities and ensuring a stronger security between the communicating devices.

IT Support Software with Latest TLS Encryption Protocol
IT Support Software Hosted on Microsoft Azure Cloud

Microsoft Azure Cloud

With $1 billion (USD) of annual investment in security infrastructure to protect user data from global cyber threats and 95% of the Fortune500 companies trusting Microsoft Azure with their data, it is one of the most secure cloud computing and hosting platforms in the world!

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