Remote Scripting with Gorelo


Update and manage all your client’s devices remotely and more effectively, without having to repeat every action or re-write the code separately for every device.

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Runing and Scheduling Scripts on Multiple Devices Remotely

Schedule and Run Scripts on Multiple Devices

You can choose to run one or more scripts on one or more devices immediately, or schedule them for later. If the device is inactive, you can also choose to automate immediate execution of the script when the device is turned on. Scripts can be scheduled to run just once, on a specified date and time, or multiple times at regular intervals with or without an end date. These regular intervals can be set to every minute, every hour, every day, every week, or every month.

The choice is yours.

Log Script History for Future Reference and Record

Logging Record of All Scripts Run Remotely

Keep track of all the scripts ever run on a particular device, including the date and time that each script was executed and the technician who ran them. This can help with device diagnoses and troubleshooting in the future.

Store Scripts in the System for Quick and Easy Use in the Future

Create a library of different scripts meant to perform different actions on a Windows device. This allows you to save on time that you would otherwise spend typing or copying the script from an external library or website every time you need to use it. You can also add one or multiple scripts from the main library to a “Favorites” library. This makes it is easy for you to find and select your favorite or commonly used scripts faster and more convenient.

Write and Store Scripts in the Scripts Library

Try it now with our 14-day free trail!

No credit card required.