Products, Services and Bundles Management

Create and manage unlimited number of products, services and bundles that you want to offer to your clients, all under a single IT Support system to help aid with systematic billing and invoicing.

Managing Products, Services and Bundles with Gorelo
Creating and Storing Multiple Products and Services

Unlimited Product Entries

There’s no limit to the number of products and services you can create and manage in the system. This allows you to create different products and services for different clients according to their needs. You can also create as many bundles as you want, and place as many products and services in a single bundle as you find necessary.

Writing Detailed Descriptions for Each Product or Service


No matter how many products, services or bundles you plan to add, you can add multiline descriptions to every single one of them. No more missing out on the details necessary to help your clients understand the deal.

Adding Multiple Attributes for Each Product or Service

Add Important Product Details

For every single new product that you add, you can add multiple detail attributes related to the product. Some of the most important details include the name of the Product Manufacturer, the Part Number and the SKU as given by the manufacturer, and the name of the Vendor that is selling the product.

Creating and Managing Product and Service Categories and Sub-categories

Categories and Sub-categories

You can create multiple categories and sub-categories and use them to classify existing or new products better. These classifications also help you narrow down the search criteria when looking for specific products.

Marking Products and Services as Taxable or Non-taxable

Taxable and Non-Taxable Products

When creating new products and services, you can mark them as Taxable. This allows the system to automatically apply relevant tax rates the product/service when billing your clients for it. This also reflects in the invoice generated.

Using Filters to Find Products and Services Quicker and Easier

Filters for Quick Data Retrieval

Filters offer a multiple combinations of search criteria that can help you narrow down the list of data shown to you. In this case, you can narrow down the list of products/services and bundles based on their category, sub-category, SKU, part number and vendor.

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