Intelligent IT Support Ticket Automation via Email

Intelligent Ticket Updates via Email

What You have to do?

  1. Think of an email ID and configure it into your company profile inside the Gorelo Helpdesk app
  2. Share the dedicated email ID with your clients.

Simple Steps to Enable Ticket Automation

How to Use Email Automation for IT Support Ticket Creation

What your client have to do?

  1. Identify an issue that needs to be resolved
  2. Write an email describing the issue, with ticket title as the
    subject line and any relevant media as attachments, and sent
    it to the dedicated email ID shared earlier
  3. Gorelo’s intelligent system automatically converts that email
    into a ticket – the subject line becomes the ticket title, the
    issue description stated in the email body becomes the ticket
    description and all media attachments becomes attachments
    and in-line images on the ticket.

Updating Your Client with the Progress Automatically

Update Your Client with the Progress Automatically

Posting a public comment on the ticket will automatically send the exact comment as an email to the contact assigned to that ticket

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