Gorelo IT Support RMM and PSA Features

Gorelo Comes Loaded with RMM and PSA Features that You Need to Grow Your MSP

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Remote Monitoring Management (RMM)

Gorelo’s Remote Monitoring module allows you to monitor your client’s devices remotely. It helps you keep an eye on their performance and hardware usage, monitor and manage processes running in the background by stopping the active ones or starting new ones, and use the command prompt remotely to run commands and troubleshoot issues. Automatic device alerts help you keep critical device warnings in check without having to manually check on the device every minute.

  1. Device Management
  2. Device Hardware Details
  3. Device CPU and RAM Usage
  4. Device Storage Capacity and Usage
  5. Automated Device Alerts
  6. Remote Command Line
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Remote Monitoring Management Features
Professional Services Automation Features and Modules

Professional Services Automation (PSA)

Our PSA consists of multiple modules and features, all combined to create an IT support powerhouse. It is everything your MSP needs to grow and outpace the competition. You can manage your clients’ assets, help your users acquire new assets, and create and manage tickets to resolve clients’ issues.

  1. Customizable Dashboard
  2. Live Ticketing Helpdesk
  3. Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
  4. Team Management
  5. Calendar Events and Time Record
  6. Asset Management
  7. Asset Tagging
  8. Slack and Webhook Integrations
  9. Mobile App for Onsite Technicians
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