Frequently Asked Questions

Got a frequently asked question on your mind? Find your answer below.

Q. How much does Gorelo cost and does it cost extra for premium features? A. We have an all inclusive pricing structure with only 2 plans carefully made with pro and business users in mind. Our pricing starts at $89.99/month per user. With our limited time discount running at this time, the Pro plan starts at $69.99/month per user. Both of our plans include all available features and the mobile app. The Pro plan, however, allows users to monitor and manager a limited number of computing devices (100), and monitor only public nodes. For further details, please visit our Pricing Page.

Q. Is it possible to try Gorelo without paying?

A. Yes, we offer a 14-day free trial that doesn’t require your payment details.

Q. How often does it receive updates and improvements? A. New releases usually go out every 2 weeks, sometimes one, but rest assured we don’t leave any stone un-turned. Our dedicated quality assurance and development teams make sure our service keeps getting new features and updates and is tested rigorously for any bugs and errors to be fixed at the earliest.

Q.  Do you have a customer support system in place? A. Yes, we offer a 4-hour daily email support to PRO plan users, and dedicated support to BUSINESS plan users. We also have a dedicated knowledge base with all the necessary support documents available to get you started and help you understand how each function of the app works.

Q. What are the benefits of using a comprehensive IT support system over conventional emails for communications, individual software for remote monitoring and device management, and conventional spreadsheets for issues, task and asset management? A. A Helpdesk system allows users to plan, assign and manage issues/tasks at hand, all in one place. Every issue/task, along with any comment, attachment and update posted on it, stays in record for future reference. Anyone with access to the system, can follow up on specific issues/tasks from anywhere in the world, at any time, so users don’t have to spend more time searching for an email, or write and send one to all the stakeholders to keep them updated. The Remote Monitoring and Management module allows users to monitor and manager computing devices remotely so your technicians don’t have to travel long distances to the client’s location, or get tangled up with multiple individual software. The asset management module keeps record of all asset entries, generates and maps internal service tags to assets for quick and easy identification, and provides a complete suite of asset acquisition tools. The asset acquisition tool tracks everything from requisition request to final approvals, purchase orders, expected deliveries and automatic asset entries for items that have been delivered. A comprehensive IT support platform offers an all-in-one IT support solutions, removing the hassle of jumping between multiple, inefficient services for each support activity.

Q. Can our clients create tickets remotely, without having access to our Helpdesk system? A. Yes, Gorelo comes with an email notification and automation system. You can create a dedicated email address within your Gorelo app. Any public comment, reply or attachment posted on a ticket is sent to the concerned client via this email address. Your client also reply to comments or create a new ticket remotely by sending an email to the same email address. You can learn how to create a new ticket through an email by visiting our knowledge base.

Q. Do you have a mobile app to compliment the Gorelo web app? A. Yes, Gorelo has its own native mobile application that allows users carry out multiple support activities on-the-go. It also allows users to carry out functions that are otherwise inconvenient or impossible to do with the web app, like scanning service tags using the camera module. It’s a limited, yet a powerful app that lets you do everything you would need to do while working remotely. As of now, Gorelo mobile application is only available on Android OS, but the team is hard at work and the iOS version shall become available soon. The application comes included with both the subscription plans.