Client Management

Organize everything in one place, from tickets to assets to all your client information and client contacts. Retrieve information instantly and address your clients more efficiently.

CRM Module for IT Support Software

Client Profiles

Maintain Client Profiles within IT Support Software

Create client profiles and manage all their contact points under their profile for easy information retrieval and quick assignment of contacts to tickets made for their companies.

Multiple Contacts per Client

Create multiple contact person
profiles for each client profile
present in the system. You can also
assign different contact persons to
different office locations registered
in the client profile.

Cover Every Detail

Add multiple locations, each with a
separate contact person, phone
number, phone extension, address
and even the time zone. For each
contact person, you can add in all
their basic contact details, their
location and even their department
and job title.

Accessible by All Users

The client and contacts information
can be accessed by all users,
including users with technician role.
This allows for quick retrieval of
client or contact information and
seamless addressing of client
contacts in tickets and other areas.

Sort and Filter the Lists

Easily sort and filter your client and
contacts list with multiple filter
criteria available to help make the
resulting list more relevant to your
information search.


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