Why must Gorelo Exist?

I will come right out and say it: Yet another helpdesk product is a bad business idea. It’s a highly competitive market where margins are tight with a below standard growth rate. In business, competition is for losers.

When pitching our idea to other founders, we mostly found them asking why. Why enter a saturated market which essentially looks like the airline industry? What unique problems does the product solve?

The Why: Problem(s)

We have been doing tech support since 2001 and I personally have been doing that for much longer. In that time, we have collaborated, supported or mentored many IT teams. Here are the core problems most teams faced:

Technicians spend too much time not providing support:

In the past 20 years, we have seen many tools come and go, and we tried to fit technician’s needs into a variety of cobbled together SaaS products. A ticketing system here, an asset management system there and and a communication platform somewhere else. The technician has become a glorified data entry person while spending limited time pursuing their passion: Working with new and emerging technologies.

Highly sensitive and secure operational data is all over the internet:

With many platforms, comes many privacy policies and many teams to trust with your customer’s critical operational data. Does the customer agree to all this? Do you know if all those teams will do everything possible to protect your data?

With many tools, comes slow response to customers:

When a customer sends an email, the email system sends data to a ticket system, which sends data to an alert system, which integrates with a text messaging system. The customer get’s a response back in 10 minutes due to no fault of the technician.

The What: Solution(s)

If the product had a one line pitch, it would be: An IT technician focused secure platform with all the necessary tools for success.

Going back to our problem definitions, I would like to make the following proposals:

Let’s make technicians productive and happy.

We will build tools that make hard things easy (like asset acquisition) and easy things automated. The interface must update instantly so there is almost no time lost between customer sending an email and the system showing it to technicians. The companion app should allow only features needed on the go and not drown the technician in details.

All tools in a single place.

I know this is a pretty large claim, but what if system like this was actually possible? Could we build an affordable package that provides ticket, asset, knowledge base, password, rmm and remote desktop tool? I am not talking a cludge of consolidations that are piecemealed together and served with a side of a-la-carte pricing.

Secure Everything!

Let’s offer it under a single and sane privacy policy. While we are at it, let’s celebrate our security efforts by publishing it in as much detail as possible. And also GDPR compliant.

The How and the Who: Challenge accepted!

The piece of information I have been holding back is that we have been doing cloud software development since AWS first opened its doors. As mentioned earlier, we have been offering IT services for some 20 years. We believe we now have a great mix of Cloud Developers and IT engineers to realize this grand vision. We will make it work because we are passionate and we care.

Second, we will place our bets wisely. We won’t chase everything – as we have limited resources – but we will try to predict winners and ride them to success. We will learn from our customers, what they need and maybe even how they want us to deliver the solution.

Third, we believe that technologies have come a long way and we can finally deliver a great experience without compromises. Specifically systems like massively scalable serverless offerings, platform agnostic runtimes like .net core and affordable AI offerings in the cloud.

Lastly, we know how valuable support is to our core customer base. They know what good support looks like and we hope to deliver on that challenge. We will provide first class documentation, a published toll-free line and live chat, serviced by real people who know the product well.

The Progress and a request.

We have already launched the first preview/beta of our product. We are feverishly working on the features and will deliver on all the promises and more (did I mention the API?).

Please sign-up for free and get first 3 months of the product free when it launches. Most importantly, give us your thoughts on how we can make you (or your company) more efficient and successful.