How scripting helps to automate

The prime goal behind maximizing business efficiency is to raise its bottom line. The fact that you are reading this blog is proof that you are avidly seeking methods to increase your organization’s efficiency. Now before I paint any picture for you let’s do the ground work.

Enhancing efficiency basically means to perform more tasks within a period of time or to accomplish your tasks in less time. This is what automation does; it helps you save time and mint money without added stress.

The Path to Automation

You have to set your firm on the path of automation if you wish to boost your business’s efficiency, and consequently its bottom line. If you run a technology company, you can scale your company by automating it with Gorelo.

Gorelo is a cloud based customer support software that empowers technology enterprises and SMEs to control, monitor and manage all its clients and their assets remotely from any location in the world.

Imagine having all information about all your devices in real-time, which is not just limited to you but can be shared with your team of technicians too? Your technicians can issue tickets to fix a problem, monitor all devices live, manage client assets and more. All this done via a software from any location. Wouldn’t that be a relief?

This is just the tip of the icing. Gorelo gives you the peace of mind that your processes are running seamlessly without error or intervention. Now, the question that must have popped in your mind is how? It is able to achieve this feat with scripting.

Gorelo’s scripting feature entails multiple benefits for your organization. Scripts, written with a set of commands, are used by technicians to save time otherwise wasted in typing commands time and again to perform a task more than once on one or more Windows devices.

How can scripting enhance your firm’s efficiency?

  1. Gorelo has a scripting menu. This menu would enable your technician(s) to write scripts in bulk and create a library of different scripts to update or manage your clients’ devices remotely.
  2. The technician would not be required to type a script every time or import it externally to run an action on a Windows device. The script library would allow easy access of all scripts to your technician whenever required. Furthermore, the technician can add frequently required or important scripts to the favorites section for convenience.
  3. Script scheduling. For example, if a device’s software needs to be updated the next day. Your technician can simply go to the scripting menu or to the device’s menu, select the desired script, schedule it and voila! The desired device’s software will be updated on the denoted time and date. The best part is, script scheduling works for multiple devices too, regardless if they are active or inactive at the time of scheduling.
  4. Gorelo is based on a holistic module. In addition to script library, bulk scripting and script scheduling, it has script logs too. This log shows you the history of all scripts run on a device with details like date, time and name of the technician. This feature can help you monitor and diagnose the performance of each device.

Scripting is the ultimate key to automate your company. Let’s suppose an issue is reflected on three of your Windows devices, with Gorelo your technician can simply run a saved script from the library to troubleshoot the issue on all three devices at once. Problem solved just like that.

You want all your devices to be virus-free? Your technician can schedule a script to run daily that instigates a complete virus scan on all devices. Gorelo saves significant time, increases efficiency, mitigates human error and earns complete customer satisfaction.

Isn’t it phenomenal? This is the power of automation, and why more and more companies are turning to it.

If you wish to join the bandwagon of automation and get an edge against your competitors, signup to Gorelo now!