🐵 New

  • Nothing to see here… 👻👻👻

✨ Enhancements

  • Search – Asset description field is now indexed and available via search
  • Tickets – Comments now load in from the bottom
  • Tickets – Date separators have been improved
  • Tickets – Checklists now make better use of horizontal space
  • Tickets – Checklists now only show item tooltips once clipped
  • Tickets – Checklist grabber and X now only show on hover
  • Tickets – Checklists Templates can now have relative due dates
  • Shortcuts – Checklist templates can now be set to be exclusive to shortcuts

🐛 Fixes

  • Notifications – Schedules on cancelled tickets no longer generate a notification
  • Tickets – Comment draft now appears on public channel when switching tabs
  • Tickets – Scroll location is now retained when switching tabs
  • Tickets – Comments no longer expand/collapse when switching tabs
  • Assets – Screenconnect install status now displays properly (after agent update)
  • Tickets – Duplicate tickets when changing Client no longer occurs

See our Roadmap for more info!