🐵 New

  • Documents – Many UX/UI improvements;
    • Draft is automatically saved while editing
    • You can now open a Document in a tab via the 3-dot menu
    • Document list sidebar is larger and allows for more text before clipping
    • Client Focus highlight has been improved for better legibility
    • Floating format menu now appears on text highlight
    • Loading UI has been improved⚡

✨ Enhancements

  • General – API lookup data is now cached locally through the service worker ⚡
  • Tickets – Improved list performance on initial load ⚡
  • Tickets – Read/Unread has been overhauled for simplicity
  • Notifications – Toast message on notification dismiss has been removed⚡

🐛 Fixes

  • Nothing to see here… 👻👻👻

See our Roadmap for more info!