🐵 New

  • General – TipTap is now used as the text editor for ticket comments! 🚀
    • This allows for better functionality, speed and extensibility — futureproofing us!
    • This will soon come to Time Entries, Products, Contracts, Scripts and all other areas 🙂

✨ Enhancements

  • General – Service Provider subdomains are now included
  • Tickets – Tickets can now be scheduled for multiple users
  • Tickets – There’s now a new comment box, reversed comment timeline and more!
  • Assets – List performance has been improved ⚡
  • Contracts – Global client focus is now available
  • Invoices – Invoices can now be exported to CSV
  • Invoices – Product/bundles manually added to invoices can now be edited
  • Review – Add to Invoice and Write off options added
  • 📱 App – Moment JS has been removed ⚡

🐛 Fixes

  • Review – Writing off the last time entry now works as intended
  • Notifications – Merged ticket notifications now highlight as expected
  • Tickets – Expanded comment box now pushes the timeline as expected

See our Roadmap for more info!