🐵 New

  • Tickets – List performance improved for private comment updates ⚡
    • We now keep the top 50 ticket ID’s to render with the view list
    • We now include all necessary private comment data to avoid making another API call.
    • We now use a different view calculation on private comment changes that only impacts ‘Updated On’ sorting
  • Tickets – List performance improved for paging ⚡
    • We now pause ticket list updates when going past the first page — and display a notification if there are any pending updates
    • We now only cache the top 1000 ticket ID’s

✨ Enhancements

  • General – Previous search text is now highlighted on return
  • Tickets – Title hover on New tickets now shows latest comment
  • Assets – Added silent switch to install script by default
  • Assets – Client install experience has been improved
  • Assets – Shell update now installed via Installer check-in
  • Assets – Removed all uses of decryption keys in code 🔒
  • Assets – Removed ClientId and LocationId from installers
  • Assets – Improved devicetype and bootup time detection
  • Assets– Moved Download and Version to Login Product 🔒
  • Xero – Overpayments now sync
  • 📱 App – Roles are now handled better
  • 📱 App – Timeline has been reversed

🐛 Fixes

  • Contracts – ‘Show inactive products’ no longer triggers save prompt
  • Tickets – Merging of tickets multiple times has now been blocked
  • General – Paging icon now gets pushed by the Notifications panel as expected

See our Roadmap for more info!