🐵 New Search – Comments are now indexed! Available under the Ticket tab and then change from Title to Comments ✨ Enhancements General – Onboarding experience has been improved General – Nicknames can be set for users to make searching easier Clients – New client wizard now automatically uses the default group Tickets – Contacts

Safe Attachment policies are a powerful feature in Defender for Office 365. They allow you to leverage a virtual sandbox to check attachments in inbound email message before they are delivered to the recipient. In addition, safe attachments also allow you to protect files in Teams, SharePoint, and OneDrive so that users aren’t inadvertently sharing malicious

🐵 New Alerts! We’ve completely overhauled the Alerts UI to improve the workflow; De-duplication of similar alerts with counts Relative time indicator in the form of ‘xxx mins ago’ Views for easy filtering Source indicator to show current status etc. Much more to come! ✨ Enhancements General – Global search has been enhanced with extra

In this article, I am going to be walking you through an introduction of Microsoft’s Defender for Office 365 which comes part of the Microsoft 365 Defender offerings. Defender for office 365 contains some of the following high level features: Real-Time Detection and Prevention against malware/phishing Automated Investigation and Response  Threat Hunting  Attack Simulation Training 

🐵 New Search Overhaul! Global Search has been overhauled in preparation for deep comment search We’ve added a heap of QoL improvements such quick shortcuts to different Clients sections etc. Default Email We now automatically generate a functional email address for inbound/outbound emails on sign-up — this helps new partners to test the platform without

Microsoft has evolved the Microsoft 365 Defender products over time. The product line used to be known as Microsoft Defender Threat Protection and has since been rebranded. It is made up of the following offerings: Defender for Identity (hybrid identity security solution) Defender for Endpoint (EDR, AV) Defender for Office 365 (Anti-malware, anti-phishing) Cloud App

🐵 New Service Provider Type now available during sign-up! This is to scope the features available to suit either MSP or Enterprise ✨ Enhancements General – TOTP is now the only supported method of MFA authentication Tickets – We now show the email delivery status of outbound comments Tickets – We now clip the reply/forward

Below are all of the relevant MSP related Microsoft announcements from February Microsoft Teams 1. Chat Density New Feature × Dismiss alert How this will affect your organization Customize the number of chat messages you see on the screen. Use the compact setting to fit 50 percent more messages on the screen. Comfortable setting keeps

🐵 New Sanitised comments! We now strip all the junk (html etc.) from inbound public/TPC comments for use in the timeline We will soon use these sanitised comments in the Recent Activity pane and the global search index ✨ Enhancements Assets – List has been overhauled to improve performance Tickets – Improved processing for large

🐵 New SignalR is now in serverless mode! This should help address stability issues and improve reconnects ✨ Enhancements Assets – Event Log check can now require x number of occurrences Docs – Order of Docs can now be manually arranged 📱 App – Multiple occurrences of the same alert are now consolidated into the