Dev Stream – 04.24.2020

RMM Scripting – Week 4

This week we focused on running scripts on a repeat schedule on the devices and more.

  • You can now view the live scripts results as they are received from the devices.
  • Worked on Scheduled run screen on web UI.
  • Updated RMM plugin that runs the script to run them on schedule.
  • NEXT UP: Executing scripts as users (instead of admin)

Gorelo Billing – Week 2

The focus this week was to get a more polished Invoice UI working. We also worked on emailing invoice to the customer via email.

  • Worked on emailing invoices from the invoice view.
  • Added ability to email invoice from invoice list.
  • NEXT UP: Exporting invoice to PDF
  • NEXT UP: Enter payment.

Gorelo IOS App – Week 6

We have been working on the IOS version of the Gorelo app for the past few weeks. We should be ready to submit to App store next week.

  • Worked on all the features currently available in our android version.
  • Worked on final bug fixes and barcode scanner.
  • NEXT UP: Get it production ready and submitted to Apple app store.