Release Notes

🐵 New Ticket Detail UI Overhaul! More space on the right-side for Assets Client and Contact details on the top-left for easier reading CC field for better Contact distinction (real CC functionality to follow in the future!) ✨ Enhancements Tickets – Improved list performance on initial load ⚡ Tickets – Hover delay for recent comments

🐵 New Documents! 🦄 Our first iteration is in alpha and can be used for creating simple documents with the ability to nest, duplicate, star, archive and more! Typing ‘/’ slash will open up a list of simple commands with many more to be added in the future E.g Pull in a list of assets,

🐵 New Nothing to see here 👻👻👻 ✨ Enhancements Tickets – Contacts now appears in comment editor Tickets – Minor visual improvements on checklists Search – We now show Asset status/cli/screenconnect on results Search – Asset Description is now available in results Assets – Description column has been added 🐛 Fixes Tickets – Asset search

🐵 New Tickets – Email content is now sanitised and pre-parsed 🚀 Public comments now load inside an iframe There is now a maximum size for an inbound public comment and then it’s clipped There is now a ‘View Original’ button to see the email before sanitisation and clipping ✨ Enhancements General – <title> element

🐵 New Notifications – New notifications now appear in real-time 🐒 ✨ Enhancements General – Menu icons (notifications, profile etc.) have been improved General – SignalR group for notifications are now joined by role 🔒 Notifications – Ticket merge now generates a notification Tickets – Checklist timeline and notification improvements Tickets – Pipe symbol has

🐵 New Shortcuts – Comments can now be set to not post (canned comments) Shortcuts – Title template is now available {{ticket.title}} Shortcuts – Checklists can now be added ✨ Enhancements General – ‘Container not found (409) in blob’ handling improved General – We now show Contact email instead of Client name where applicable Tickets

🐵 New Nothing to see here 👻👻👻 ✨ Enhancements General – Ctrl+X to close all tabs ⌨️ General – API calls are now made on background threads ⚡ General – Cache lookup has been optimised ⚡ General – Cache invalidation strategy has been optimised ⚡ Tickets – Completed checklist items can now be added to

🐵 New 🦄 Shortcuts are now available! It is only available for Ticket Comments This is a very bare-bones version with a limited Action set for testing purposes — many enhancements to come! ✨ Enhancements Notifications – All assignees now receive ticket notifications Tickets – Admin-style updates now appear for Read Status, Tags and priority

🐵 New General – Notifications now stack on web 🦍 We will soon bring all public/private notifications to the Assist/Watch assignee roles ✨ Enhancements General – Day View is now available on Calendar / To Do Tickets – Improved handling for time entries on reopened tickets Tickets – Private chat bubble size has been reduced

🐵 New Tickets – Chat-style timeline UI improvements Chat bubbles for Private comments @mention highlights more obvious System timeline entries less pronounced And more to come 🙂 ✨ Enhancements Tickets – Scheduling from ticket detail has been improved Tickets – Billing Override can now be configured without a Contract Clients – Focused Client available on