Release Notes

Release Notes – 2021.07.30

🐵 New Tickets – You can now set an override for all time entries ✨ Enhancements Tickets – Views can now be filtered by Tracking and Checklists Tickets – Secondary email address is now available on quick edit Tickets – Original ticket comments are no longer sent in third party conversations Contracts – Dynamic counters

Release Notes – 2021.07.07

🐵 New Tickets – Calendar UI is now available 🦄 ✨ Enhancements App – Ticket components are now loaded selectively ⚡ App – Week view on calendar is now available Invoices – We now validate calculations on API Contracts – We now validate calculations on API Contracts – Dynamic counters for Products are now available

Release Notes – 2021.06.29

🐵 New App – Ticket list has been completely redesigned ✨ Enhancements Clients – Billing Contacts can now come from any Client Assets – Connectwise Control can now be re-installed Contracts – ‘Show from all Contracts’ has been improved Tickets – Standard Views has been improved Tickets – ‘Add New Ticket’ UI has been improved

Release Notes – 2021.06.23

🐵 New Invoices – You can now multi-select Invoices and send via email ✨ Enhancements Products – we now show a discount column in Timeline Bundles – we now show a discount column in Timeline Products – Cascading sync functionality that extends to Bundles and contracts is now available Tickets – You can now search

Release Notes – 2021.06.17

🐵 New Tickets – Shipment Tracking is now available App – Barcodes can now be scanned via the mobile app ✨ Enhancements Contracts – Contract Detail pages now support opening in Tabs Invoices – Invoice Detail pages now support opening in Tabs Bundles – Bundle Detail pages now support opening in Tabs Products – Product

Release Notes – 2021.06.09

🐵 New Contracts — Per-Hour contracts now function more like standard billing ✨ Enhancements Assets — The agent installer now supports devices without internet connectivity Assets — The agent download UI has been improved Assets — Agent remote reinstall is now available Clients — Primary/Billing contacts are now at the location level Products — Views

Release Notes – 2021.06.02

🐵 New Tickets — Checklists are now available on Tickets! ✨ Enhancements Bundles — Unsaved Changes popup has been implemented Contracts — Save functionality on the Invoicing section has been simplified Xero — Payment reversal in Xero now sync to Gorelo Products — Unsaved Changes popup has been implemented Clients — Google API address lookup

Release Notes – 2021.05.27

🐵 New Contracts — A new ‘Limited Hours’ contract type is now available ✨ Enhancements Contracts — The friendly Invoicing text now shows the email address of the selected Contact 🐛 Fixes Invoices — Xero sync reliability and error handling has been improved

Release Notes – 2021.05.26

🐵 New Invoices — Views are now available on the Invoice List Tickets — You can now react with the Thumbs Up emoji 👍 on comments Reports — We’re now syncing entity IDs with the report DB for future use in drill-down reports ✨ Enhancements Contracts — New columns and improvements for the Contract List

Release Notes – 2021.05.19

🐵 New Invoices — Invoiced items can now be un-approved Contracts — Templates are now available for Contracts ✨ Enhancements Tickets — The Post pop-up for Public Comments has been improved to guide users toward Pending and provide additional information 🐛 Fixes Contracts — Approved ‘Block Hour’ time entries now show in the Complete tab