Scripting allows IT support technicians to type and save specific lines of commands that perform certain action(s) on the targeted Windows device. Having a library of multiple scripts that perform different actions and trigger different operations on one or multiple devices at the same time, cuts down on the time it costs to write a

When we talk about Remote Monitoring Management, we talk about a lot of remote functionalities of the system, not just monitoring or reporting. Technically, it’s more than a spy. It’s like a virtual agent who can instantly travel to your client’s location and carry out multiple tasks on your client’s devices, all at once. Everything

You must have heard people in your social circle use the term “duhh” to put an emphasis on how they’re well aware of the outcome or what they’re being told about. In literal terms, it means “of course.” The duhh factor of our Live Ticketing Helpdesk System relates to the logical and easily perceivable benefits