Mikel Wellsmore

🦍 Shortcuts – ‘Wait’ block is now available to delay any follow up actions! E.g. send Public Comment and then Close a ticket after 3 days if no response received ✨ Tickets – Encrypted, Forms and Link text entry has been improved ✨ Clients – List performance has been improved ✨ Contracts -‘Non-billable’ items can

🦍 General – A client that represents the MSP/Enterprise/Organisation is now generated on tenant creation and linked. This is to be used for anything ‘Internal’ to the organisation. ✨ General – All references to Google fonts have been removed 🔒 ✨ General – All user statuses now allow for expiration ✨ Tickets – ‘Add to calendar’ now allows the use of different time

✨ Enhancements Forms – ‘Enter’ key navigation has been improved 🐛 Fixes Tickets – Double digits in Time Entries (e.g 10pm) now work as intended Contacts – Changing the country code no longer wipes the existing phone number Forms – Plain text no longer duplicates when navigating to a new line Notifications – Old notifications

🐵 New Forms – Conditional Logic is now available! Show/Hide/Require fields based on the selection of certain fields (Yes/No, Dropdown, Multiple Choice) ✨ Enhancements Tickets – Time Entries are now more forgiving with formatting (e.g type 200pm, 200, 1400 etc.) Contacts – Phone numbers are automatically formatted based on the country (this will soon come

✨ Enhancements Tickets – Forwarding an email to Gorelo will now attempt to assign the correct Client/Contact Tickets – Popouts have been improved for simplicity and performance Contacts – Fields are now aligned with M365 for simplicity (and preparation for an eventual sync integration) Forms – 10x UI/UX enhancements to the Form Builder have been

🐵 New 🦄 Forms! You can now build forms and share with your clients. This is a very early release and changes will be made over the coming weeks. Form builder, form list, single-use forms, routing form responses to tickets, add tags/groups to forms etc. ✨ Enhancements General – Hovering over the (+) Tab button

🐵 New Gorelo Support! We’ve rolled out a new button in bottom-right that can be used to access our support team. We’ll be adding features to this such as screen recording and KB articles ✨ Enhancements Search – You can now search for Contacts/Clients using their phone number Tickets – You can now choose ‘Do

🐵 New 👻👻👻 Nothing to see here! ✨ Enhancements Tickets – Additional View fields have been added (date range, products) Tickets – We now show all contact data in pop-up Tickets – Outbound email line spacing now represents the comment accurately Tickets – Contacts from a different client UI has been improved Clients – Contacts

🐵 New Search – Comments are now indexed! Available under the Ticket tab and then change from Title to Comments ✨ Enhancements General – Onboarding experience has been improved General – Nicknames can be set for users to make searching easier Clients – New client wizard now automatically uses the default group Tickets – Contacts

🐵 New Alerts! We’ve completely overhauled the Alerts UI to improve the workflow; De-duplication of similar alerts with counts Relative time indicator in the form of ‘xxx mins ago’ Views for easy filtering Source indicator to show current status etc. Much more to come! ✨ Enhancements General – Global search has been enhanced with extra