A complete Billing and Invoice solution

Every business in the world needs to create an invoice to get paid in exchange of a product/service. Invoicing and billing process seems simple on the surface but it is not.

Generating invoices, issuing them on time, maintaining records, delayed payments, lost revenue and sustaining a healthy cash flow can be very frustrating and induce nerve wracking headaches. Like yours, numerous businesses are a victim of these painstaking problems. Problems that give birth to bad reputation and downgrading your brand value.

Here’s how Gorelo’s Invoicing and Billing module can help solve your problems and heal where it hurts 

This new module was devised with one question in mind “What invoicing and billing problems hurt businesses most?”

To treat something, first it is indefinite to diagnose the problem. The following features are curated to make the billing process for MSPs agile and hassle-free by addressing the issues plaguing your operations:

  • Branded invoice

It is critical for companies to not make the mistake of sending unbranded invoices. It reflects poorly on your brand, is unprofessional and can hamper the relationship with your client. Gorelo’s branded invoice feature saves your brand from these adverse repercussions. In addition to branding, it is beneficial to help your client recognize the invoice and clear their dues without delay. 

  • Unique invoice code/number

When creating an invoice you have the liberty to denote a custom invoice number/code. Gorelo’s module ensures a unique invoice number is assigned to each bill. This feature is embedded to save you from making the grave mistake of double invoicing. With Gorelo, double invoicing is a thing of past.

  • Customized details

Clients do not appreciate vague invoices that merely serve as a payment notice. A bill is a way of strengthening customer relations. Thus, its content should define what services and products the customer is paying for to build trust. With Gorelo you can easily create a comprehensive invoice with a breakdown of details about each product/service, quantity, price and tax.

  • Preferred Currency

In today’s time, USD is the default currency in most invoicing software. This is bothersome and inconvenient if you don’t live in USA. Since Gorelo is made for businesses’ worldwide, the platform isn’t bound to one currency. You can create an invoice with your desired currency. It is not only convenient but marks professionalism. 

  • Special discounts

Often companies don’t bother to distinctly show a discount given to the client. This common mistake robs you of earning customer loyalty and concocts confusions. Special discounts are reflected on the final invoice created on Gorelo. This is imperative to avoid confusion and discrepancy in prices in the future.

  • One-of-a-kind events timeline

Running a business involves looking after multiple things. Amongst a large volume of invoices, it is often difficult to be aware of the status of your invoices. The events timeline showcases updates and new activity concerning each invoice in real-time. This bonus feature equips you with full transparency, nominal effort and time, and a faster process for robust invoice management and classification. 

  • Approval/Delete

Erroneous invoices are a problem businesses face on a regular basis. This leads to a complicated correction process. In turn, other painful problems follow creating a painful vortex.

Approval/Delete attribute vigilantly controls invoice generation to prevent poor bookkeeping. This means no user can issue an invoice to the client without the approval of authorized personnel chosen by you. Hence, eliminating all potential complications for your brand.

  • Update/modify invoices

Nothing is more unprofessional and embarrassing than sending an invoice with wrong details or to a wrong customer. Humans are prone to make errors. Gorelo is a user-orientated platform that enables you to update/modify an invoice any time before it is marked as paid. This feature offers the opportunity to rectify any mistake incurred in the invoice. As a result, it rescues you from mortification and the trouble of issuing a new invoice.

  • Filter bar

Managing and monitoring a large volume of invoices and data is cumbersome. This is a prime cause of bad bookkeeping. Serious outcome of this is poor cash flow and business failure. Gorelo’s filter bar makes managing and monitoring invoices of all clients a piece of cake. You simply choose your desired filter options and it presents the shortlisted results. This how the filter feature makes an otherwise taxing and time-consuming process significantly simpler and quicker.

  • Prompt email

Delayed payments are an underlying cause of bad cash flows. To receive your dues in a timely fashion, you need to issue invoices on time. Our all-in-one invoicing and billing system has the ability to email the invoice with a PDF copy attached right away. You can create and send out an invoice swiftly without further ado. This motivates the customer to pay in a timely manner.

  • Export PDF

You can even export one or all invoices as PDF. This ensures proper documentation for accounting and tax needs.

  • Xero Integration

Gorelo’s invoicing and billing module can be integrated with Xero. This possibility ensures you leverage the best features like fast payment and real-time updates to elevate your invoicing activities.

This innovative invoicing module with Xero integration makes Gorelo the crème de la crème of all IT support software in the market.

Gorelo’s free trial awaits you to show the plethora of benefits it possesses!