A blog about managing Product, Services and Bundles for MSPs

The demand for MSPs is on the rise, and thus they are springing up like mushrooms left, right and center. In a situation like this how do you stand out to hold your own? A major challenge most MSPs face is to curate a pricing structure that is attractive enough to catch customers and earn profit. This puts you in a pickle because operational costs are steep, which includes a skilled set of team to manage your customers.

Gorelo rises to the occasion for MSPs suffering with this problem with its cost efficient Product/Service and Bundle Management, and Remote Monitoring and Management (RMM).

Gorelo’s Product, Service and Bundle Management Module

The best way to help your business gain an edge against the competition is to sell your product/services in bundles. The outcome of provisioning bundles instead of separate product/service is avoiding commoditization and increasing the likelihood of retaining clients for longer period.

Gorelo offers specialized features for you to achieve this and more to spurt the growth of your company:

Detailed Product, Service or Bundle Inventory

Creating and maintaining a product inventory is crucial to streamline operations. An inventory of your business’s product or service would make it easier for your team to manage and monitor one or all products on the system. Gorelo allows its users to create a product/service, or a bundle of products/services with specific description and details, such as manufacturer, part number, vendor and SKU for products and bundles both. This feature is ideal for the long run as it will allow your technicians to resolve issues in a product with precision and accuracy with necessary information available at hand. 

Filter Bar

Running a successful business means handling a handsome portfolio of clients. Managing customers and their respective services or products can be time-consuming and taxing if you don’t have an innovate software to turn to. Gorelo’s Filter Bar empowers its user to manage and monitor products/bundles quickly with great ease. You can select your desired options to filter and find the product/service you want in a blink of an eye. It is that fast!

Update/Delete from Inventory

Often businesses require updating an existing service/product or removing it from their offerings altogether. Gorelo gives you complete flexibility to manage your product inventory at any point of time to either update or delete services. This saves you from storing redundant information and clogging unnecessary space.

Customized Invoice

Invoices are tricky business and should ideally come with a feature to customize it as per customer. This being said, Gorelo was created with the sole intention to serve as a user’s software. Hence, when you generate an invoice via Gorelo you can choose to show or hide details of a bundle as per your requirements.

The framework of Gorelo’s Product and Bundle Management Module is based on mitigating risks and challenges faced by companies on a regular basis. Save your MSP from instability by adopting an advanced and productive solution like Gorelo.

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