Billing and Invoicing

From the tickets your team has dealt with, to the on-site visits, remote monitoring and management of your client’s devices and everything that comes in between can be billed from the same system that helps you manage them.

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A Complete Billing and Invoicing Solution for IT Support Services
Custom Invoice and Billing Settings Defined by the User

User Defined Settings

From custom tax codes to adhere to local tax rates, custom invoice numbers, currency of your choice, applying custom discounts, using your own branding on the invoice and integration that extends the billing possibilities, everything is under your control!

Setting Custom Tax Rates to Match All Applicable Taxes

Custom Tax Codes

Depending on where you are operating from and all the relevant taxes applicable, you can use custom tax codes to apply relevant tax rates to products, services and bundles in the bill that are taxable by law.

Setting Custom Invoice Numbers

Custom Invoice

You can set a custom Invoice numbers and prefix according to your company’s policies, and you can do this as many times as you like, as long as the new numbers proceed in the sequence of the numbers already used before.

Selecting and Using the Currency of Your Choice


You can set your own currency of preference. This makes it convenient for you to make an fulfill exclusive contracts with different clients that require you to bill them in the currency of their choice.

Applying Custom Discount Rates for Special Clients


Enter and apply custom discount percentages to specific portions of the bills where applicable. This helps you keep and cherish exclusive and long-lasting relationships with your top clients, or even help establish a lasting relationship with new clients.

Download the Invoices Directly or Email Them to the Clients

Download and Email Invoice

After a bill has been approved and an invoice has been generated against it, you can email simple copy of the invoice to your client or also as an attached PDF. You can also download the PDF directly from the Gorelo billing system.

Using Your Own Brand Logo on All Invoices Generated

Custom Branding of Invoice

Branding helps expand the business and establish long-term relationships with your clients. Anything that has brochure value, that goes it records or is held on to for future references, should be branded. This helps spread your brand identity to other potential clients faster and more effectively.

Integrating with Xero for Advanced Billing Features


Xero is a comprehensive billing system that allows users to go up and beyond with what they can do within the scope of billing and invoicing. We have allowed integration of our built-in billing system – that is no doubt sufficient on its own – with one of the leading billing systems to allow for countless billing and invoicing possibilities.

Billing and Invoicing Side-by-Side

A Complete Billing and
Invoicing Solution Built
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