Asset Management

Manage all the clients’ assetdetails in one place, with convenience and accuracy.

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IT Support Asset Management
Manage All Assets in One IT Support Software

Complete List of All Assets

All your clients’ assets in one place so you don’t have to jump across multiple accounts, sheets and apps to manage each one individually.

Custom Assets List Using Filters

Looking for certain assets from specific clients only? Use filters to isolate and list assets that belong to specific client(s) or have a specific type or status.

Custom Asset Filters

Each Asset Has Its Own Details

Each asset entry holds enough information about the asset to help users easily understand the asset in no time, even if they are accessing the details for the first time.

Asset Type

Asset Manufacturer

Asset Status

Asset Description

Owner/Client Name

Asset Location

Asset Attributes

Create as many custom attributes as you find necessary for the record.

It could be the number and types of ports on your monitor, its power consumption figures, panel type, display resolution or even its weight, with and without its stand.

Record as Many Asset Attributes as Necessary

File Attachments

It has become highly inconvenient to keep, manage and share hard copies of asset documents with other team members when necessary.

This feature allows you to attach soft or scanned copies of asset documents to the asset record, which can later be accessed by any user in the system when needed. Accessing them is quick and easy!

It can be the asset’s warranty book, user guide, service history or any other asset document that you consider important.

Attach Important Files to Asset Record

Asset Images

Take photos of the asset and upload them in the asset record. Whenever other users from your team have to work on it, they can get an idea of what the asset really looks like. This can help them identify and reach the asset faster.

Attach Photos of the Asset

Manage Service Tags

Manage Internal Service Tags

Generate multiple Internal Service Tags separately for each client. Each client’s assets can then be mapped onto the Internal Service Tags assigned to them. This allows for quick and easy asset identification and record retrieval, and instant asset-related tickets in the future.

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