Asset Requisition

Acquire new assets in a systematic, fast and efficient way.

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Acquire New Assets Using Gorelo IT Support Software
Detailed Asset Acquisition Requests

Detailed Asset Acquisition Requests

Every asset acquisition request goes in detail. Each asset requisition records:

  • The client for whom the requisition is created
  • Client’s office location where the requested assets are required
  • Client’s contact who requested the items
  • The date by which the items are required
  • Whether it will be fulfilled by the service provider or the client
  • Description of the requested assets
  • Relevant attachments for approvers and purchasers
  • All requested items, their types, quantities and unit price
  • Custom approval flow for relevant authorities to approve the request

Multiple Approval Flows and Approval Tiers

You can set up multiple approval flows for each office location listed in the system. Each approval flow can have multiple approval tiers in order to accommodate multiple approving authorities into it.

You can also have multiple approvers listed in the same tier, where either:

  1. Only one (could be anyone) of all the listed approvers in a tier have to approve it for the request to move to the next tier;
  2. All listed approvers in a tier must approve it for the request to move to the next tier.
Multiple Approval Flows and Approval Tiers for Asset Acquisition
Generate Purchase Orders for Asset Purchasing Fast and Easy

Quick and Easy Generation of Purchase Orders

After all the required approvals have been given, the option to convert that requisition into a purchase order appears on the requisition in the requisitions list. These quick and simple steps will generate a purchase order in no time:

  1. Click GENERATE PURCHASE ORDER button on the approved requisition in the requisitions list
  2. Re-affirm that all the details of the requested items are correct on the purchase order generation page
  3. Click CREATE PURCHASE ORDER button located at the bottom of the purchase order generation page

The purchase order will be created and open for updates. You can add in vendors who would be delivering you the items and their expected delivery dates.

Automatic Asset Entries for Items Delivered

Once the items have been physically delivered, simply marking them as delivered in the purchase order will automatically create individual asset entries for each item in the requisition marked as delivered.

Automatic Asset Entries in IT Support Software for Items Delivered
Asset Requisition and Purchase Order Filters to Speed Up the IT Support Process

Asset Requisition and Purchase Order Filters

Looking for specific requisitions and purchase orders?

Just like everything else on our application can filtered and sorted out for specific results, the asset requisition and purchase order lists can also be filtered to find specific entries. This saves on a lot of time and manual hassle to go through each entry.

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