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We have over 20 years of tech support experience and have been developing this helpdesk platform internally since 2007. We used all our experience from tech support and cloud development to re-develop a platform that we feel addresses tech support needs better than most other platforms. The resulting helpdesk platform gave us a lot of space for growth through operational and communicational efficiency, and a firm peace of mind with the top-notch security. Once we realized the immense value and growth opportunities it gave us, we decided to market it and help other companies utilize the same! 


Our primary emphasis is to keep our users happy. To that end we focus more on continually refining the product, providing great support and seek out customer input through various channels. 

We are not funded by a Venture Capitalist and as such we are not forced to show growth at all costs. Our focus will not be affected by our need to generate revenue and profits. That also forces us to be efficient and offer the core product at no cost. 

We won’t release anything we can’t secure. All data will be encrypted in transit and all identifiable data will be encrypted at rest. 


We want to establish a more effective, real-time communication system and improve operational efficiency between growing companies, their clients and their employees, through our range of automation, support and remote management tools, available worldwide. 


To be the most secure and reliable IT automation systems platform in the world. 


  • Customer focus 
  • Commitment  
  • Innovation and Improvisation 
  • Ownership and empowerment  
  • Integrity